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neil virtual tour expert

Neil Henderson

Founder and Managing Director with over 20 years of experience in technology, web development and project management. Neil is hands on across all areas of the business but loves creating and developing new and innovative solutions for clients across all sectors.
jessica virtal tour expert

Jessica McDonald

Our marketing director shares over 20 years of international digital marketing experience, project management and web development in the travel and tourism sector. Jessica has managed complex technology integrations in travel and tourism, along with rail partnerships.
andrew virtual tour expert

Andrew May

Finance and operations director. Over 20 years of experience across operations, finance, social media and project management. Andrew has seven years of experience working in marketing and social media within the travel and tourism sector.
hamid virtual tour expert

Hamid Shakiba

Senior Developer with over 20 years of experience, Hamid is a trailblazer in
full-stack web development. Specializing in PHP and JavaScript, he brings deep insights into all virtual tour platforms.
Hamid pioneers innovation, ensuring an inclusive and cutting-edge experience for
virtual tours.
jacqui virtual tour expert

Jacqui Todaro

Meet the ultimate multitasking maestro! With 8-10 years of project managing experience and 16 years in marketing & design, Jacqui has mastered the art of juggling tasks like a pro. And let's not forget her secret superpower – building virtual tours for the past 3 years! With her impressive skills and infectious enthusiasm, Jacqui is like a project managing, marketing, design, and virtual tour wizard all rolled into one! Ready to dazzle and conquer the world, one project at a time!
tom virtual tour expert

Tom Johnson-Sabine

15 years of digital marketing experience in the travel and tourism sector. Tom has managed luxury rail and airline partnerships, along with complex technology integrations with property management systems, booking engines and email systems.
lindsey virtual tour expert

Lindsey Henderson

Over 10 years of experience as a British Sign Language (BSL) and Cued speech translator. She has extensive experience in virtual tour creation and an excellent understanding of the accessibility needs of many user groups.

Nicki Munnik

With over two decades of rocking the graphic and web design scene, Nicki has become a seasoned pro in the art of creating digital magic. From dazzling websites to eye-catching graphics, she has left her creative mark across different industries. Nicki's ability to bring something fresh and exciting to the table is like adding a splash of colour to a black and white world. Get ready to see magic in her design genius, and leave you in awe!
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