Neil was brilliant. He spent some time advising me of how to dress my property to maximise its appeal. He then went room to room shooting each space from various angles to get the best 360-degree shot. I expected it to take ages to receive the end product but again my expectations were surpassed. Within a few days, Neil was back with a link to the virtual tour. It was outstanding. Within a short space of time, we had prospective buyers beating down our door as a direct result of the virtual tour and very soon after we had the offer on our house we had been looking for. In summary, I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil and his team to anyone wishing to try a different and effective approach to selling their home. I’ll certainly call on his services again.

Jon Salt

Asha House

Real Estate Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is an essential real estate marketing tool; a quick-sale utility guaranteed to generate higher volumes of interest and to close sales faster!

On the market, Asha House with its garden views and vibrant interior is a modern classic. The open-plan living room/kitchen presented an ideal opportunity for a 360° tour to entice prospective buyers into exploring the property in depth before visiting in person. The tour represents the space well, and the user developed a sense of familiarity faster than static images or a video, with the independence of movement and a natural sense of walking through the house at head height.

With information points throughout detailing design and interior information, prospective buyers were able to appreciate the key selling points of this unique property.



  • The client was highly satisfied with the tour.
  • Asha House was snapped up soon after this tour went live.
  • Tours like these help the agency close sales faster.
  • We are visual beings; we have a stronger emotional response to images as 90% of all information our brain takes in is visual.
  • And, with shorter average attention spans, today’s consumers are drawn to attractive images.


See other properties (holiday rentals – not market real-estate) such as Rock House Cottage and Millbrook Cottages for inspiration.

Date:  August 8, 2018
Skills:  Architectural, Bespoke Tour, real estate, Virtual Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project
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