Asha House

Real Estate Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is an essential real estate marketing tool; a quick-sale utility guaranteed to generate higher volumes of interest and to close sales faster!

On the market, Asha House with its garden views and the vibrant interior is a modern classic. The open-plan living room/kitchen presented an ideal opportunity for a 360° tour to entice prospective buyers into exploring the property in depth before visiting in person. The tour represents the space well, and the user developed a sense of familiarity faster than static images or a video, with the independence of movement and a natural sense of walking through the house at head-height.

With information points throughout detailing design and interior information, prospective buyers were able to appreciate the key selling points of this unique property.


  • The client was highly satisfied with the tour.
  • Asha House was snapped-up soon after this tour went live.
  • Tours like these help the agency close sales faster.
  • We are visual beings; we have a stronger emotional response to images as 90% of all information our brain takes in is visual.
  • And, with shorter average attention spans, today’s consumers are drawn to attractive images.


See other properties (holiday rentals – not market real-estate) such as Rock House Cottage and Millbrook Cottages for inspiration.

Date:  August 8, 2018
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, real estate, Virtual Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project
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