Corffe Holiday Cottages Video

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Situated in the heart of North Devon, you can find the luxurious Corffe Cottages. As a family-friendly estate, Corffe Cottages is well equipped for children of all ages with their outdoor play area but can also cater to adult relaxation.

The client wanted a video that portrayed this family-orientated atmosphere with warm and welcoming shots. The video was used on Youtube that was linked from their own site, allowing future clientele to find the video with ease.



  • Using cinematic shots of the location gives the viewer that ‘wow’ factor
  • An increase in the number of enquiries and made planning holidays for families easier.
  • Showed off their onsite facilities that can cater for all ages.
  • The video ranks clients higher on organic google results pages, thus providing more traffic to their websites.
Date:  June 20, 2018
Skills:  Aerial Videography, Drone Videography, Video
Project URL:  Launch Project
Corffe Holiday Cottages Video Tour | Created by The Virtual Tour Experts