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Okehampton is a town located in Western Devon, situated at the northern edge of Dartmoor. With this plot of land being so remote, it was a rare opportunity for us to shoot. Showing off a plot of land for sale, this tour allowed the owner to advertise the plot is a unique way to potential buyers.

Taking you across the plot, the tour exposes the large expanse of trees and the stunning intricacy of nature. These beautiful images leave potential buyers wanting to visit the plot; what better way to generate traffic for your site!


  • Used as a selling tool to increase the amount of viewings
  • Helped increase traffic and extend time on page
  • The video and tour now stands out on real estate sites.


Date:  May 1, 2018
Skills:  Aerial Photography, Bespoke Tour, Real Estate Tour, Virtual Tours, VR Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project

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