Dissenters Graveyard

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The Dissenters Graveyard in Exeter is of great historic importance, it stands to remember Protestants who broke with Anglicanism in the early 18th to mid 19th century. Over 1500 people are buried in this small burial spot alone. To celebrate the re-furnishing and regeneration of the graveyard once passed into a private trust, the Trust decided to commission a virtual tour, including information points throughout as an educational tool for those who can’t visit Exeter to see it in person.

As well as information bites, the tour provides a good sense of size and context to this little-known historic site. We also provided the photographs for the Trust’s brochure!



  • Open up this historic graveyard to the local community.
  • Making local history more accessible helps the community to engage more!
  • A great fundraising method for graveyard up-keep.


For historical and educational virtual tours, see also Barnstaple Guildhall.

Date:  August 1, 2018
Skills:  Educational Virtual Tour, Historical Virtual Tour, Virtual Tours
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