At Greater Anglia we wanted to create virtual tours of our 15 busiest railway stations to help customers familiarise with their environment before travelling. At the same time, the tours needed to be accessible for everyone with disabilities, and available on any platform. Neil and The Virtual Tour Company delivered exactly that, and are still supporting us fine tuning and adding features to the tours. With their friendly, professional and flexible mindset, it has been, and continues to be a pleasure to work with the team. Top notch photography, bespoke accessibility features, and a solid content management system put them above and ahead of other companies tendering for this contract.


Greater Anglia Train Stations

Railway & Transportation Virtual Tour

Following a tender process, we were chosen by the Greater Anglia train operating company due to our expertise in usability, custom design and accessibility.

The brief was to create an industry-first – a fully accessible virtual tour that provided users with inspiring guidance to help with trip planning.

The photography was captured during busy rush hours and our skilled team of photographers and digital editors successfully captured 1000 panoramas in 15 stations with over 40 000 raw images, with a final result of no visible people in the end product –  a miracle of photography and editing!  The tour has inspired the development of our new custom platform for venues and transport providers – V.A.S.T.

View these live Greater Anglia Virtual Tours:



  • a custom content management system through which clients can edit, manage and adapt all interactive elements of the tour including menus, maps, scene guides, hotspots and more.
  • unique photography techniques to remove all people (even during rush hour).
  • accessibility widget feature that sets the standard in following WCAG 2.1 guidelines. We provide more accessibility compliance options than any other tour.
  • fully interactive, fast loading and responsive virtual tour.
  • unique design in keeping with their strong branding.
  • custom menu styles to enable users to explore by facilities, platforms or an interactive map.
  • template created for the quick rollout of multiple tours.
  • a unique and custom-built autopilot feature that generates guided tours from anywhere in the station.
  • the tour has been a huge hit with users spending an average of 7 minutes engaging and exploring.

Visit the Greater Anglia Train Station website for more information on their services and stations.

Date:  June 1, 2022
Skills:  Architectural, Bespoke Tour, best virtual tours, Homepage, Transport
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Great Anglia Train Station Virtual Tour | Created by The Virtual Tour Experts