Barnstaple Guildhall

Museum Virtual Tour

An exploration of Barnstaple’s historic Guildhall – with a 360 virtual tour – well known for its peppering of exquisite Thomas Hudson original portraits of mayors past. Many of which are noted in the tour, with clickable information points throughout which expand to reveal details of the pieces. A tour designed with many purposed in mind, the Guildhall is available for event hire, as well as hosting tours of the grade II listed building; the website helpfully boasts, however, that one may tour the Guildhall at any time of day from the comfort of their own home!

With several 360° images taken all over the building, users can zoom in to see details – paintings, and mayoral, memorial plaques.

For a building of such significance, conventional static images simply do not do it justice, a 360° virtual tour allows a sense of independence and wonder.



  • An excellent educational tool.
  • Opening up the Guildhall to the community!
  • A great way to attract holidaymakers who may be interested in local history! Google data shows that most people begin their search for holiday activities online!
  • If local history is more accessible, it will encourage more to actively engage with it.
  • All original 360 images were provided to the client to use on Facebook which helped increase engagement on comments, replies and posts.
  • Using the original 360 images clients are able to significantly enhance their Google business lists for enhanced results.

For more educational and historical virtual tours, see also Exeter Dissenters’ Graveyard for inspiration.

Date:  February 8, 2019
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, Educational Virtual Tour, Historical Virtual Tour, museum, VR Tours
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