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This stunning coastal destination on the picturesque shores of Spain boasts pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and breathtaking panoramic views. The team at Heaven Beach approached us to recreate this with an immersive 360° experience.

With a focus on exceptional image quality, our team created a unique, branded interface that allows users to instantly understand the resort layout. In addition, users can explore all apartments and facilities through visual prompts, menus, and interactive 3D maps.

An auto-play feature was created to enable users to explore an apartment with a single click. Our team created new 3D floorplans to aid navigation which are now being used by the client on all their digital channels.

Our team also created 2 stunning 4k videos. A short header video was created for their upcoming website together with a longer promotional video. The output was described by the client as “exceptional” and will undoubtedly inspire many users to convert from lookers to bookers.

We offer the tourism industry a multitude of options and unique fully customisable features to meet each and every requirement.



  • the client can explore all apartments from one single interface.
  • quick and easy way to understand the layout of the resort, facilities, and surrounding area.
  • 3D maps and auto-play features to aid all users in exploring the environment.
  • hotspots and media to explain apartment features and reduce questions prior to booking.
  • individual apartment virtual tours can be displayed independently on their website and channels such as booking.com.
  • all images formatted for use on social channels and Google Business.
  • branded design fits with the new website’s look and feel.

Through the virtual tour, users can visually navigate the location of the apartments, gaining a comprehensive overview of the layout. The inclusion of 3D floor plans provides a detailed perspective of each apartment’s dimensions and layout, allowing users to envision their living space. The new auto-play feature ensures a seamless and engaging experience as users explore the different units.

To further enhance the promotional efforts, a captivating video has been created, featuring drone footage that showcases the stunning surroundings. This video is featured on the website and shared on social media platforms, enticing potential residents with a captivating glimpse of the Heaven Beach Apartments experience.

Visit the Heaven Beach Apartments website for more information and booking.

Date:  May 29, 2022
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