Neil has done a number of fantastic virtual tours for my clients. The results are absolutely amazing! The tours capture a feeling that static images and other media just can't match. Very professional throughout and highly recommended. We have several new projects we are currently working on and can not wait to see the results!

Frank Ward

Lavender House Hotel

Hotel Virtual Tour

As a well-established venue, the client was keen to show off their spectacular views and substantial offering of the hotel, taking advantage of social media and the power of virtual reality tours.

A useful tool for event planning, such as weddings and conferences, the virtual tour provides a sense of space and layout to the venue. Couples planning the big day can easily communicate their preferences to the staff at Lavender House from a distance, using the tour as a common point of reference; allowing the staff to deliver a special and bespoke experience for their customers. With over 15 separate 360° images, the tour covers the garden (both ordinary and with wedding decor), the dining hall, pub bar, rooms, and by the river’s side.

For capturing regular business too, the tour is useful for prospective patrons; with an interactive view of the hotel, they can experience Lavender House’s appeal in virtual form before they even book! Research has shown that bookings and inquiries significantly increase for over 47% of properties that adopt a virtual tour as part of their marketing arsenal (Best Weston).



  • Couples can now plan with greater accuracy!
  • Lavender House benefitted from increased engagements on social media.
  • They saw an increase in the amount of time spent on their website.
  • A high-quality virtual tour gives Lavender House that professional feel that customers can trust.
  • 90% of holiday home searches begin online, a tour will catch their attention!
  • The venue saw a notable rise in bookings, as research by Best Weston suggested.

For other luxury get-aways and wedding venues, see also Tree Tops Escape for inspiration.

Date:  August 8, 2018
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, Hotel mixed venue virtual tour, Leisure & Tourism, Tourism & Hospitality, Venues, Virtual Tours
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Lavender House Hotel Virtual Tour | Created by The Virtual Tour Experts