Castellain Mansions

Real Estate For Sale Virtual Tour

Located in the heart of London, with its luxurious apartments and stunning views, Casstelain mansions offers premium real estate for a great price. The virtual tour showcases one of the six properties available, with floorplans available along with a 360-degree tour of each room.

The client wanted to utilise virtual tours as a means to increase the engagement of potential buyers online whilst simultaneously extending the awareness of the properties themselves to a larger online community.



  • This tour was used to help showcase the spectacular properties available through Castellain real estate
  • The virtual tour increased engagement by allowing users to explore all areas of the venue from the convenience of their laptop or tablet
  • This tour was created to help filter enquiries and enable clients to better assess properties
  • The tour ensured that each property was displayed at its absolute best to the client
  • The virtual tour would also have a positive effect on the website’s SEO as clients spend more time on pages.
  • The tour reflected the Castellian brand as innovators in real estate marketing
  • The tour was designed to increase enquiry levels as interactive content is shown to double enquiries compared to static content
  • This tour helped boost Castellain’s online engagement, increasing the number of time users spent online
  • Using tours allows for an increase in online inquiries and providing a better connection between brand and clientele.
Date:  February 8, 2019
Skills:  Architectural, Bespoke Tour, Mansion Virtual Tours, real estate, Residential Tour, Virtual Tours
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Castellain Mansions Real Estate Virtual Tour | by The Virtual Tour Experts