Pebblebed Restaurant

Restaurant Virtual Tour

Working as an extension to Google Maps, the three-step tour gives the miraculously natural feeling of walking in off the street. One can almost taste the wine as you are taken closer to the counter, as though you were about to order a bottle.

Easily integrated with Google Business tools and Maps, a tour of this type will give your business a rounded feel. Attracting custom from new channels – such as people simply browsing an online map of the area. Your business will immediately stand out with a virtual tour, amongst those who don’t have one! And research has shown that the interactivity tours offer, often increasing follow through!



  • These stunning 360° images show the flood-lit restaurant at its best.
  • Pebblebed saw an increase in online engagements.
  • Shows off just how cozy and intimate the restaurant is.
  • Seamless integration into Google Maps means Pebblebed Restaurant has greater online exposure. Research has shown that 18-25 year olds are 130% more likely to commit to a restaurant venue if they have a virtual tour, compared to those that don’t!

For other Google tours see In2 Bed for inspiration.
For other restaurant tours see Rick Stein Sandbanks for inspiration.

Date:  February 9, 2017
Skills:  Google Tour, Restaurant Virtual Tour, Venue Virtual Tour, Virtual Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project
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