Plymouth College of Arts

College  Virtual Tour

Plymouth College of Arts offers their students a huge range of facilities spread over a number of buildings.  The challenge was to pull this together in one simple interface through which the user could explore and find the content relevant to them.

In addition it was recognised that the current virtual tour was simply a visual walkthrough.  We worked closely with the team to identify the marketing goals of the tour and ensure features were integrated to achieve them.  These goals were highlighting the unqiue selling points through detail and information on the tour, better engaging with students and driving them to enquire or book an open day.


  • A stunning visual showpiece of the college and facilities
  • Creation of content management through which the staff can add information to scenes, create and edit hotspots and add course details
  • A video embed feature so student and teacher videos can be added to individual scenes to increase engagement
Date:  July 26, 2020
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, best virtual tours, Campus Tour, education, University Virtual Tour, Virtual Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project
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