Real Estate Video Tour

Real Estate Video Tour Showcase

We were delighted to provide this visually stunning showcase for real estate purposes. The video was seen as the perfect advertising tool to portray the beautiful house to its full potential and was used to immerse potential buyers in this beautiful environment. A vital marketing tool to use for all real estate agencies.



  • Showcases the property for sale at its very best.
  • Combination of stunning aerial videography with presenter-style filming.
  • Tours like these help the agency close sales faster.
  • We are visual beings; we have a stronger emotional response to images as 90% of all information our brain takes in is visual.
  • And, with shorter average attention spans, today’s consumers are drawn to attractive images.
Date:  July 14, 2019
Skills:  Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Architectural, Bespoke Tour, Cottages Virtual Tour, Holiday Home Virtual Tour, Mansion Virtual Tours, Venue Virtual Tour, Video
Project URL:  Launch Project
Real Estate Video Virtual Tour - Created by The Virtual Tour Experts