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Cruise Virtual Tour

A must-do for locals and holidaymakers alike, Stuart Line Cruises wanted to show-off all the exciting opportunities their cruises offer. With links showing pictures of wildlife and fantastic photos from passengers past, the client took full advantage of the interactivity bespoke virtual tours offer! Research has shown that virtual tours keep people engaged for longer than with conventional images and that the virtual experience will stick in their minds for longer too.

Something prospective customers may be concerns about is family suitability. A virtual tour is a perfect way in which to represent the space inside the vessel, and the height of safety railings on deck.



  • Community. Include customers’ photos in your virtual tour – as Stuart Line has done here.
  • Engagement. More engagement on social media means generating more booking and inquiry leads.
  • Effective. Virtual tours are proven to increase website traffic and retention. Customers are likely to spend longer exploring using a VR tour, than looking through the whole website.
  • Inspire. Customers are more likely to commit and take action after having viewed a VR tour. This is because the images stay in their mind for longer. VR tours are proven to increase bookings and queries for venues, against those who do not have tours (Best Weston).
Date:  February 8, 2017
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, Cruise Virtual Tour, Hook Skill, Virtual Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project
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