Tishman Speyer London

Office Workspace Virtual Tour

Recently renovated, the international real estate investment firm knows how to impress, with their European headquarter offices in Westminster.

In the business of “looking good”, the client knew all too well the importance of first impressions. This virtual tour does just that, flaunting stunning high-resolution 360° images with a clean and airy UI to reflect their office motifs, it’s a pleasure to peruse the space.

Showing off their own taste in interior design and attention to detail, users can explore every corner of the office, including open floors, meetings rooms, and social areas with stunning views. One can even view the building from street level providing context from a human level, not just a map.



  • A high-quality virtual tour shows that Tishman Speyer values first impressions, giving their business a rounded and highly professional feel, inspiring trust from their clients – in their competitive market, this is an essential commodity.
  • A beautiful interactive complement to their existing portfolio.
  • Keeping with their brand, Tishman Speyer now inspires confidence as a real estate firm, from their clients.

For other office space tours, see also Foundary 17 Exeter for inspiration.

Date:  June 15, 2019
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