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Tree Tops Escape

Tree Top Escape

Wedding Retreat Virtual Tour

Sporting luxurious suites and quiet spaces, ideal for an intimate wedding experience, the picture-perfect hillside venue was a joy to visit and explore. Ready-made for us to exploit its stunning views and unique experience in virtual form.

The tour has helped busy couples find the perfect wedding space in order to plan the biggest day of their lives from a distance. Talking to venue staff remotely, the tour acts as an excellent point of reference for arranging decor and other important details. Saving them time and allowing more fluid communication with staff, allowing them to fulfill their requirements more exact to their desires.

Taking you across the estate, from Master and Garden Room to lake-side and hill-top, the tour exposes the successful chemistry of simplicity and the stunning intricacy of nature. These beautiful images leave one wanting more; what better way to generate excitement and inspiration for your venue!



  • used as a planning tool for events and weddings to increase efficiency and enable more parties to feel “involved”.
  • helped increase website traffic and extend time on page.
  • Tree Tops now stands out on social media with stunning and immersive 360° images.
  • responsive design to work across all main devices and browsers.
  • content management features so key information can be updated by the team from any browser.
  • branded design to fit the website’s style, look and feel.
  • tracking was added to assess analytics performance and increased time on site (helping with SEO).
  • an integration feature was added so “micro tours” could be added to allow users to look around one particular area.
  • interactive 360 images were used to enhance social media pages for an overall engaging experience.
  • you get to keep all of the assets (360° images, photographs) for your own marketing needs.

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Visit the Tree Top Escape website.

Date:  May 14, 2022
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Tree Top Escape Wedding Retreat Virtual Tour | by the Virtual Tour Experts