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The GUS Global Group reached out to us with a request to design captivating and user-friendly campus tours for their European locations. We created a captivating and immersive journey for the University of Europe that covered all 4 campus locations throughout Germany. This allowed users to explore different areas, and we have plans to add more locations in the future.

Our tour seamlessly combines aerial and ground-level imagery, complemented by a breadcrumb menu, facilitating a smooth navigation experience while helping users keep tabs on the areas they’ve visited. To enrich the tour, we’ve incorporated extra hotspots providing valuable information and details about facilities, as well as assistance and support services. Through our focus groups, we’ve learned that featuring individuals in the photographs fosters stronger connections and empathy with potential students.

Furthermore, we’ve gone the extra mile by creating a virtual reality headset experience for use at fayres, events, and expos. This guided and immersive encounter serves as an exceptional method to capture students’ attention and leave them with a memorable and inspiring perspective of the campus.

We offer the education industry a multitude of options and unique fully customisable features to meet each and every requirement.



  • a stunning visual showpiece of the Universities and their facilities.
  • unique design in keeping with their strong branding.
  • 360 VR headset experience generates more engagement at fayres, expos and events.
  • unique medium to showcase their state-of-the-art facilities and immerse users in these environments.
  • fast loading and responsive design to work across all devices and browsers.
  • content management system giving staff options to add information to scenes, create and edit hotspots, add videos and more.
  • 360 imagery can be used on social media channels and Google Business to increase their engagement and social profile.
  • excellent tool proven to better engage prospective students.
  • the average user is spending 4min 30 seconds on the tour which shows an excellent level of engagement.

Feedback has been exceptional, and we are currently looking at creating tours for more GUS Global venues including the US and Europe.

Visit the University of Europe website.

Date:  August 10, 2021
Skills:  Campus Tour, Education, Educational Virtual Tour, Homepage, University Virtual Tour, Virtual Tours, VR Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project

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