The Valiant Soldier

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The Valiant Soldier is a heritage museum located in Buckfastleigh. All the artifacts and living accommodation date back to the 1940s and 1950s and has since become a historic site. As you walk around the former pub, you can see a vast amount of memorabilia and objects that were left once the pub closed. The visitors are allowed to open cupboards, read through old documents and really immerse yourself.

The virtual tour allows users of all ages to view the entire pub from the ground level which in turn increases accessibility. The tour is also being used to extend the awareness of the memorabilia to a larger and younger audience.



  • By having the virtual tour on the ground floor, it allows the less able to view the tour with ease.
  • Having a splash of technology amongst the history expands to a younger demographic.
Date:  February 6, 2019
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, Historical Virtual Tour, museum, Museum Virtual Tours, Virtual Tours
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