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To help increase the awareness of Sidmouth we captured a number of spectacular 360° images from the ground and air.  We also created a promotional video which can be viewed here.

The aerial 360° images were a huge hit on social media.  They used a number of panoramas as 360° posts on Facebook.  The results were outstanding and far exceeded the performance of any previous campaigns or ads.  One post alone achieved an organic reach of over 124,135 views.


  • Amazing engagement with a reach of over 124,135 within the first two weeks of publication
  • Over 7,000 reactions, comments, and shares.
  • Outstanding return on investment when “boosting post” on Facebook – £85 spend generated an additional 20,196 views
Date:  July 13, 2019
Skills:  Drone Virtual tour, Facebook Post, Hook Skill, Social, Tourism & Hospitality, Virtual Tours
Project URL:  Launch Project
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