White Acres Holiday Park

Holiday Park Virtual Tour

Since we built this tour for White Acres, they have sold 25% of the holiday homes on display, representing an immediate growth in interest and commitment from their customers. They used these the 360° images in a highly effective email campaign to generate sales traction.

We also created a promotional video for the site as part of this campaign and took hundreds of professional quality images for that White Acres have used on both their website and on social media to promote their offering.

Virtual tours are perfect for these types of offering, as customers are given the opportunity to explore the lodges and surrounding area in greater depth than with standard images. The tour gives a great sense of space and immersion, evoking a sense of familiarity and comfortability that inspires customers to follow-through. When customers call-in or inquire further, they can hit the ground running, using the virtual tour as a common frame of reference to discuss their queries with a White Acres representative. Still, pictures can be deceiving. A virtual tour gives them the real-life experience of walking through the site.



  • White Acres stands out on social media with stunning 360° drone photography.
  • Their website now engages customers for longer.
  • Has increased enquires and bookings by inspiring action and commitment.
  • A virtual tour says you mean business – giving you that professional feel that customers can trust.

For other unique venues, see also Riviera Centra Torquay for inspiration.

Date:  August 8, 2018
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, Drone Virtual tour, Holiday Park Virtual Tour, Leisure & Tourism, real estate, Virtual Tours
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