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Yeovil College and university goals were to create a virtual tour that enabled students to explore their campus as a university or college student. The two markets had very different needs but used the same facilities.

Our team created the perfect solution – two duplicate tours that had unique hotspots, navigation and information for each audience.  All of this was managed through the content management system so the staff could easily add, edit and change content as course details and media evolved.

The tour is performing very well with users spending an average of 4 mins 36 seconds exploring.
We offer the education industry a multitude of options and unique fully customisable features to meet each and every requirement.



  • a stunning visual showpiece of the College and its facilities.
  • customised virtual tour with a split view to either enter the university or college.
  • interactive, fast loading and responsive.
  • accessibility features set the standard in following WCAG 2.1 guidelines. We provide more accessibility compliance options than any other tour.
  • content management system giving staff options to add information to scenes, create and edit hotspots and add introduction videos.
  • unique design in keeping with their strong branding.
  • custom menu styles to enable users to explore by subject or the facilities.
  • fast turnaround time.
  • the tour has been a huge hit with users spending an average of 4 minutes engaging and exploring.

Yeovil College is a tertiary college for further education and higher education based in Yeovil, Somerset, England. Its main campus is on Mudford Road, Yeovil, but the college also operates the North Dorset Skills Centre in Shaftesbury and the Construction Skills Centre, Lufton, Yeovil, not far from the Yeovil Town Football Club stadium.

Visit the Yeovil College website.

Date:  August 10, 2021
Skills:  Campus Tour, Education, Educational Virtual Tour, Homepage, University Virtual Tour, Virtual Tours, VR Tours
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