Thanks for a superb service Neil. You went above and beyond from the moment we planned the tour to when it went live on our website.

Dave Haffenden

Rick Stein

Restaurant Virtual Tour

With it’s lavish coastal decor, wide views of Poole harbour’s pearly waters, and – of course – the exquisite dining offering, Rick Stein Sandbanks restaurant shines brightly in this virtual tour.

A great planning tool. For larger bookings, customers fast develop a sense of space and layout, helping them determine whether it was a match meant to be. Research has shown that images, and especially VR, inspire customers into action because they can imagine themselves there! Aiding this we wanted to build an atmosphere that reflected the restaurant-bar’s venue and brand.

A 2015 study into the effectiveness of virtual tours showed that, among 18-34 year olds who view a restaurant virtual tour, they were 130% more likely to book a table versus a restaurant without a one.

The image positions were chosen to best communicate the centrality of that fantastic harbour view, and the volume of light flooding the room; lightly reflecting teal blue from the water’s surface.

On the client’s website, the tour acts as an excellent companion for their professional photographs, of both the venue and their specialty dishes.



  • This tour helped boost Rick Stein’s website engagement and the amount of time spent on their site.
  • Tour used as a planning tool for larger bookings.
  • Research has shown VR tours rapidly increase booking inquiries and bookings.
  • Added to the restaurants’ already beautiful website.

For other restaurant virtual tours, see also Beachside Grill restaurant for inspiration.

Date:  August 8, 2018
Skills:  Bespoke Tour, restaurant, Restaurant Virtual Tour, Virtual Tours, VR Tours
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